Welcome to Ontario Wolf Hunting with Terry Wood

Wolf We are now accepting reservations for the 2020/2021 winter season...

Wolf hunting is the fastest growing type of hunting in Ontario and our region has the highest population of wolves in history. Our wolves range in colour from white to pure black, most being a variation of grey and average around 100 pounds.

Wolves are very cautious and will not second guess their EXCELLENT sense of smell. A good scent eliminator is a must. They also have an extremely good sense of hearing and sight, so keeping movement to a minimum is essential. We offer our wolf hunt from our Dryden location. Our wolf hunt runs from December 16 to March 31. We hunt baited sites from heated ground blinds. You are either taken to the blind in the morning and picked up at lunch time then returned until dark, or you can take yourself to and from your blind with your own snowmobile.

We have a great supply of bait and attract a lot of wolves with the average shot being about 80 yards. Wolves are not in a habit of making mistakes, so scent eliminator and quiet clothing are a must. After a successful hunt your trophy will be professionally caped and ready for taxidermy.

Because the hunt takes place at our Dryden location, hunters can stay at one of the many quality motels in the town of Dryden. We will supply our guests with a list of names and phone numbers for these motels with your confirmation letter. Some motels have housekeeping units available for those that like to do their own cooking. Dryden also has plenty of good restaurants and fast food establishments.

If you have any questions about our wolf hunt, please don't hesitate to contact us. A deposit of $300 will confirm your reservation.