What to Bring For a Wolf Hunt

You should bring the following things along with you when you come:

  • gun case (a sleeve or soft case is handy to take into the blind),
  • plenty of warm clothing,
  • winter boots rated for extreme cold,
  • lighter or waterproof matches,
  • a good supply of your favourite scent eliminator.
  • You will need to purchase your hunting license, so there are several places along the way once you enter Ontario, or Terry will take you to purchase your license when you arrive in Dryden. If you have hunted in Ontario recently and you already have an Ontario Hunting Outdoor Card, be sure to bring it along as they will need to see it when you purchase your wolf tag. If this is your first time purchasing a hunting license here you will require an old or current rifle hunting license from your state, so be sure to have it ready.

    Note: Most license issuers require you pay by cash, so be sure to have some Canadian cash available for your license and tag.

    Non residents bringing firearms into Canada must declare them at the border. Links to the Non-Resident Firearms Declaration Form and Continuation Sheet are below:

    Download Non-Resident Canadian Firearm Declaration Form

    Download Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Continuation Sheet

    More Firearms Related Forms

    Please click here to download .pdf reader

    Please Note: Complete the forms but do not sign the forms until you are asked to by the custom's agent.